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Second Hand Cds

These are a bunch of my old cds i don't want.  If you want one or some then drop me a message.  Make me a stupid offer.  

The 255s - Broadcasting

Babies Three - File Under Retaliation

Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends

Bucket Full of Teeth - IV

Da Skywalkers - Smalltown Saviours

Dan Padilla - As The Ox Plows

Death is Not Glamorous - Wide Eyes

Defiance Ohio - The Great Depression

Dropnose - S/T

Four Letter Word - A Cold Day in Hell

FIYA - Better Days

For Science - Way Out of Control

Fugazi - 13 Songs

Gateway District - Perfect's Gonna Fail

Glass and Ashes - Aesthetic Arrest

Humanfly - A God Amongst Insects

Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails

The Junior Varsity - The Great Compromise

The Killerest Expression - Four Days that Shook the World

Lickgoldensky - S/T

Light the Fuse and Run/Transistor Transistor - Split

New Bruises - Transmit! Transmit!

Nine - To The Bottom

Paint it Black - Paradise

Reversal of Man - Revolution Summer

Reversal of Man/Combat Wounded Veteran - Electric Youth Crew

Smalltown - The Music

The Spirit of Versailles - Discography

Spitfire Down - All I Ever Loved

Steel Rules Die - Nostalgia for Beginners

Strike Anywhere - Change is a Sound

Submission Hold - Sackcloth and Ashes

Sunny Day Real Estate - How it Feels to Be Something On

Transistor Transistor - Erase All Name and Likeness

Trial by Fire - Ringing in the Dawn

Usurp Synapse - Disinformation Fix

Wolves - Simulation.Transparency.Alienation.